$5.00 USD

Thank you for your interest in the Mad Creek Books literary imprint. Please include as much of the following information as you can when you submit your manuscript materials:

  • Title of your manuscript
  • General description/overview (1-2 pages) of your project (including genre) as well as target audience
  • At least two sample chapters (and expected date of completion), or the full manuscript. Full manuscripts are welcome!
  • Word count of the project (we publish manuscripts that range from 45,000-85,000 words), along with information about any necessary images you plan to include.
  • Explanation of what makes the project unique or important (new form, different subject, new view on an old subject). You can include a round-up of competing books (if any exist), and a brief explanation of the uniqueness of your proposed book. Why would people want to read it? What makes it different and special?
  • Resume or CV

If you are unsure if your project fits the series, please contact Kristen Elias Rowley at  madcreek@osupress.org.

We make every effort to review submissions within 6-10 weeks, so please refrain from sending followup inquiries before the end of that time. Thank you!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.